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We are surrounded by architecture - just as our world is filled with art, commerce, culture, work, and infrastructure.  At it's most basic level architecture needs to protect us from the elements and other outside forces, but beyond this there are many levels to our built environment.  Why else do so many of us return to our childhood homes hoping to glimpse once again into the past?  Our built environment can give off a powerful set of signals to each of us as individuals.  New structures can be exciting and ripe with potential for this reason as well. They are about potential and change. We can be fickle creatures - loving at the same time a worn, comfortable tool or giddy with a new device.  The architect that is sensitive to this nature of things can shape our new buildings, insert changes and additions to existing structures, and act as a navigator in this world of complimentary, reactionary, inclusive, suggestive, or revolutionary building.